Friday, February 1, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

I Love Quilting!
As I start off this New Year! I am reminded of the passion and love for Quilting consumes me with great delight.....I have been web surfing and have come upon a few blogs that I enjoyed reading...and for that reason I hope to improve the content on my blog...I will start off stating that in my childhood of 8 yrs old is when I started to sew and made my first baby doll quilt...I also made baby doll clothes and then Barbie doll clothes...By the time I was 11 yrs old I was making clothes for myself with my own ideas of what I should wear...needless to say with my long legs - jeans were never long enough and that is where I started making my own jeans...that grew into and few quilts and my own wedding dress for me and my wedding party was hard to find shite velvet wedding gowns back then...but they were made with a lot of love from me...As I started to have a family and my Dear Hubby was the receiver of many of the items that came next to make and he wore them proudly!!! My children became the wearers of the clothes I made next and for years and years...I think I am correct in saying they were also proud as they offered my services for there friends to have clothes made by me...So now I am back to full time Quilting and designing blocks to make more and more quilts ever...How lucky can one person be? I consider myself very lucky to be able to create and quilt as I desire...Well that is a brief story as how I got start in this passion and God Willing hope to continue as long as I can...

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