Monday, May 5, 2008

How To Make Chile Rellenos !

Learn all the tricks to making a great chile relleno. Allow yourself a little extra time the first time you make it, but after that it will seem easy. Make sure you have all the tools and ingredients assembled first. You can omit the flour for a low-carb version.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 15 to 20 minutes
Here's How:
Roast the chiles*
Roast and peel each chile and let them cool. *If fresh chiles are unavailable, use canned whole green chiles.

Remove the seeds
Insert a sharp knife into the top of the chile, just under the stem and slice downward about half way down the chile. Using a spoon or a knife, scrape the seeds and the white membrane out, without tearing the chiles flesh.

Stuff the chiles
Place a slice of cheese into the chile, but don't force it. If the cheese is too large, trim it down until it fits inside. Make sure the open edges of the chile still come together.

Prepare the chiles
This step is optional Place half of the flour on the bottom of a plate. Place the chiles on the flour and sprinkle the rest of the flour on top. Use your finger to make sure the entire chile is coated. Dust off remaining flour and set chiles aside. If you rinsed your chiles in water, this step is important for the batter to stick.

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