Monday, May 12, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook, May 12, 2008


Outside my has been raining, the signs of a wet deck and the leaves are blowing.

I am thinking...about how to sell my Quilts and handmade items online.

I am thankful home and the love in it

From the kitchen...Dinner in the crock pot and bread to be made in the bread machine, later in time for dinner.

I am creating...Photo archive of our family as they grow.

I am be much more careful with my driving because of the cost of gas, think before I spend.

I am blue Demin & Co. pants with a red top and my Berkies.

I am reading... a quilt book about Dear Jane.

I am hoping...for a healthy grandchild to be born this year, and for our family to be safe and healthy and prosper in God's will.

I am hearing...the birds outside cherping and our 2 dogs drinking water.

Around the house...I need to mow the grass and til the garden, plant some bushes and change the outside bulbs.

One of my favorite sweet tea, a long bath.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...load my quilt machine with a quilt to be done, upload photo's, sew a few outfits, etc.

Have a Blessed Week
Thank You for this chance to participate in this blog...


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I loved reading your daybook today. Somehow, I missed yesterday, so may have to catch up and do it today. So glad to have met you through the Ebay group and now on your blog! It's just wonderful! Have a great Tuesday!


Karlene Gould said...

Thank You, Cora...I am new to this blogging but love it...started our youngest daughter and grandson. I am also glad to have meet you through the ebay to quilt!!! I better grt back to working (Itype a contract or invoice then back to ebay and blogging) this goes on all day it seems...LOL...Thank You for stopping by and hope to see you again...

LC said...

Hi Karlene,

Thanks for posting a response on my blog to "Pay it Forward" -- I will have to drop by often so I know what would be a nice surprise to send you!

many blessings,

PS I will email you later!

LC said...

PS #2
Love your daybook!