Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An Angel's Story

"An Angels Story".

It is from this book we are making the angels we are so in love with...and are determined to finish!!

She loved the idea...and wrote this:

"This sounds like a BRILLIANT idea!!, and I absolutely LOVE the badge – I WANT ONE!!!"

So I guess we have her blessings and this will go like a dance to get this quilt together!!
Hope there are more of you that want to join... don´t be scared of the deadlines...just join and see where it leads...of course the prize will be drawn from the ones who are finished 1st of January 2009..but the biggest prize must be to have this gorgeous quilt finished!! Don´t you agree!! So join and we all support each other!!
If you forgot the the simple they come again...
Top finished by 30th September..and quilt finished (quilted and binded) 1st of January 2009!!

So feel free to use this badge made of Marica...isn´t it lovely... and use this link to the picture:

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